Life in Three Voices is a documentary that follows Ensemble Adilei and the Chamgeliani sisters, both on tour in the US, and in their native Georgia.
Shot in multiple locations in both countries, this film is about discovery, community, friendship, and above all else, an incredible vocal polyphonic tradition that brings together the most unlikely combinations of people from all around the world.
2020, 38’
Director: Marina Kaganova 
Camera: Leo Decristoforo 
Editing: Leo Decristoforo 
Production: Marina Kaganova 
Sound Design: Laurel MacDonald, Phil Strong
Music: Adilei, Chamgeliani Sisters



Ensemble Adilei performs traditional Georgian polyphonic songs and chants.

For the members of Adilei singing is the primary mode of communication with the world: it is more of a lifestyle than a performance practice and is not just relegated to official concerts.

They sing every time they gather, wherever that may be.


Chamgeliani Sisters

Sisters Ana and Madona Chamgeliani come from a long lineage of singers from the mountainous province of Svaneti.

These women are not only great singers, but also possess deep knowledge of the contexts and traditions that surround the songs they perform.